Workshops on Non-verbal Communication & Body Language

What is the intention behind conducting a successful Body Language workshop? The person attending the workshop hopes that it will add some value and similarly, the person conducting the workshop hopes that it will actually do what it is designed to; add value. However, when a workshop is being conducted, the biggest factor that is detrimental to its success is, the listener’s apprehension.  It is generally seen that most of the people attending any workshop or lecture are initially in a defensive frame of mind. In body language terms, when a person sits with his or her arms folded, it means that the person is on the defensive, and when you are defensive you are also the least receptive.


Our subconscious mind operates in a predefined format. In physics, chemistry or maths, there are a certain set of steps which have a predefined outcome. Similarly, when you fold your arms, your subconscious mind automatically relates it to being defensive and non-receptive. It automatically creates an invisible barrier which blocks everything that is being said, from entering your head. There is something that the speaker might say that could trigger something positive in your mind and put you in the fast lane to success. So I suggest you, not to lose a single opportunity of attending one or many of these workshops. And when you are attending one of these workshops, loosen your arms, chill out and enjoy the ride.


The more you learn about non-verbal communication and body language, the better you will get at reading other people. Relationships will improve at home, at work and at social gatherings. Overall quality of life will improve. Your own body language will go through a positive change and reap benefits for you and your loved ones.


About Sachin Tambe

I am an MBA from Pennsylvania, USA. I have more than 15 years of experience in sales. I am presently a self employed individual and I train students and corporate employees in Grooming and Personality Development. Grooming and Personality Development is the need of the hour in today's competitive environment and is extremely essential in carving a better future.
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