Actions speak louder than words…

How often have we heard this term; Actions speak louder than words. But in reality, how many of us apply it in our day to day life. Literally speaking, this term advocates that what we do is more important than what we say. Let’s look at the meaning of this term from a different angle. For example, try listening to a three minute movie scene on your headphones. Now watch a different three minute movie scene on a screen with the mute button on. Now, if I were to ask you to reprise the two scenes the next day, you are more likely to remember most of the scene that that you saw than the one you heard.


What does this say to you? It is a known fact that only 7% of our communication is spoken words, 55% is non-verbal and 38 % is the tone of our voice. We generally try to concentrate on what we are saying, whereas we should be more concerned about how we are saying what we are saying as well as what our body is saying. More often than not if we are saying what we are saying, from the bottom of our heart, the body and the voice will reflect similar emotions.


Let me give you an example; if your passion is cars, and you eat, breathe and sleep cars, and if you are sitting with a bunch of friends on a cosy evening and the topic of the evening shifts to cars, you will be the most animated character out of the bunch when you speak about the topic close to your heart. Your hand movements will be positive, your facial expressions will be positive and your posture will be the best that you’ve ever displayed. What I mean to say is that, tone of your voice and your body language will be a mirror image of the words that are coming out your mouth. What this will also do is that your display of emotions combined with your words will create a positive and long lasting impression on the minds of whoever was present, whether they were interested in cars or not.


However, in our day to day circle of events, life is more likely to present situations where we will not be at a liberty to express ourselves as passionately or as enthusiastically as we would have if the topic of discussion or the situation at hand was especially close to our heart. It is in these difficult or adverse situations, where there are chances of you portraying a mismatch between your words and your actions. Not only will this create a negative impact on the individual or the group of people you are communicating with, your words will also hold no value and will easily be forgotten.


Not everybody is an orator. There are a very few people who can weave magic with words and can simply keep the audience spellbound with what they are saying, which is all the more reason why everybody should familiarise themselves with the fine art of non-verbal communications because ultimately, `Actions Speak Louder Than Words’.


About Sachin Tambe

I am an MBA from Pennsylvania, USA. I have more than 15 years of experience in sales. I am presently a self employed individual and I train students and corporate employees in Grooming and Personality Development. Grooming and Personality Development is the need of the hour in today's competitive environment and is extremely essential in carving a better future.
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2 Responses to Actions speak louder than words…

  1. Anil Tambe says:

    Dear Sachin, Unfortunately, expressing, this moment, about your article I have to use words, but next time I will meet you I will use non-verbal communication by giving you a jappy just to express the power of your words while advocating action… Excellent article indeed. Keep writing, keep expressing! -Dad (Anil Tambe)

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